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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does GenZ work?

A: Each day simply open your email, read a teaser about today's lesson, and click the link. No reminders needed. Complete the lesson on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Q: How long does it take to complete a GenZ lesson?

A: Under 15-minutes a day.

Q: How do I begin using GenZ?

A: Check your inbox! You'll receive your first email upon confirmation of purchase. It will contain a teaser about that day's article and a link granting you access. Just click and go.

Q: What happens if I miss a day?

A: All of your articles are archived, so you can access any of them at any time.

Q: I live in another country, can I still still subscribe?

A: GenZ is available to anyone with internet access.

Q: Where does your content come from?

A: Our Read Aloud and Read Together lessons are written by a team of talented, award-winning children's writers. Tweens and teens read timely articles hand-picked from the Wall St. Journal and the Associated Press. Topics include current events, health, science, sports and more. Our math content was developed by test-prep master tutors.

Q: My son already enjoys reading books. Is it still important to read together with him?

A. Children are able to understand stories read to them that are three to four grade levels above stories they are able to read on their own. GenZ stories allow students to listen to and understand more sophisticated information which builds their vocabulary and makes them stronger independent readers and students.

Q: Is GenZ also available for use in the classroom?

A: Definitely. Our programs are a great supplement to in-class learning at every grade.

Q: Does GenZ have different pricing options available for classroom, school, or district purchases?

A: Please contact us at to learn about our academic discounts.

Q: Is GenZ appropriate for children who are homeschooled?

A: Yes. Our cross-curricular lessons cover a variety of topics like history, science, current events, and biographies.

Q: How is GenZ different from other test-prep products?

A: GenZ lessons feature reading passages selected from the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press and other top publications. There are 320 15-minute verbal and math lessons with thousands of realistic practice questions. Simply open your email each day, and your next lesson is waiting.

Q: How do you win prizes?

A: Studies have shown that extrinsic motivation works — kids work harder when there are prizes at stake. With GenZ, kids earn GenZ points towards prizes every time they complete a lesson.

Q: What are Zoupons?

A: We've teamed up with great companies who offer gift cards as incentives for students to practice. Simply answer enough questions, earn enough Zoints...and win a Zoupon!

If you have any other questions, please write to us at